Heller Industrial Parks, Inc.

At Heller we still believe in an old-fashioned business axiom: We build lasting relationships on trust, quality and value.

As one of the largest private owners of distribution space in the country, Heller boasts an inventory of over 16 million square feet of space in six states, plus over 170 acres of prime land slated for future development. Year in and year out, we maintain a near zero percent vacancy rate which stands as testiment to our success. This tangible proof of Heller's expertise comes as no surprise to our many long-term customers, most of whom rank among America's corporate giants.

Heller's age-old belief in strong relationships and quality customer service results in a very satisfied and stable client base, with very little tenant turnover.

"We focus hard, try to operate within our means and we keep our word. Plain, ordinary, common sense thinking."

Ike Heller