Heller Industrial Parks, Inc.

Core Business Focus

We are not the first owner/management team to reach out to our customers with new ideas to help them save money. But we may just be the best.

In the early 1980's, before warehouse energy conservation became a priority, we were the first to insulate our tilt-up concrete wall panels, which greatly reduces the cost of warehouse heating. Over the past 10 years, we've made great headway into replacing our outdated high-bay warehouse lighting fixtures with energy-efficient fluorescent lighting, further reducing the high cost of electricity to our customers. Our recent annual appeal to lower real estate taxes resulted in an average 23% net reduction across our 14.5 million square foot portfolio - another huge cost reduction for our customers.

The result of our endless campaign to cut costs borne by our customers is nothing short of astonishing; we consistently maintain a 1% vacancy rate or less over our 14.5 million square foot portfolio. It's our hard work, determination and focus on the customer that makes us successful.

And we won't stop trying.

We will redouble our efforts on keeping our portfolio filled using time-tested tenant cost reduction initiatives, smarter deployment of capital into our existing portfolio, and if the climate is right, into build-to-suit opportunities that are smart and judicious.

We did not become an industry leader by sitting idle.

We are Heller Industrial Parks, and we'll work harder to earn your business, every day.

Heller Logo

"If you're not persistent, you will fail."

Ike Heller